Algonquin College & Willis College ~ Students Experiences at YAK


YAK loves partnering with the local colleges to provide experience to their students through a variety of ways.

Check out these amazing students stories:

Yak is an organization that is available to youth in the area that is an amazing place for them to attend. It is such a welcoming and friendly, and positive environment to be in. It allows the youth to feel welcomed, accepted, and where they can let loose and be themselves, which is really important for them. YAK has so many resources for youth in the community that they ensure would make a positive difference with them. They have such great support and care for those who are in need as well to ensure the safety of the youth. With all the positivity and acceptance within the organization it has been one of the best experiences/opportunities I had and proud to of been part of.

I completed my 8 week placement from Willis College as an Addiction and Community Service Worker at YAK Youth Serviced in Perth, I started in April 27th-June 9th. My experience at YAK was more then I imagined. I was given many opportunities to participate in numerous different activities and programs that YAK runs. I learned so many great skills attending YAK such as planning and running a group/activities on my own, helping out in the after school program, more interaction with youth of a different age range and so much more. I didn’t just learn from the activities but got the chance to also learn from the youth who are always welcoming and willing to teach others different skills that interest them, I have also learned a major amount of skills and abilities form the team workers at YAK about how to bounce ideas off each other to improve stuff for next time, learning on each other for support, community resources in the Perth area that were not known to me.

Thank you to the youth and staff for the most fantastic time and I am extremely grateful and could never forget my opportunity I had to work at Yak Youth Services and to hopefully made a difference within.



As a first-year Social Service Worker at Algonquin College, I was lucky to have my placement at YAK Youth Services. The organization is truly amazing. They offer youth a place to go where they can feel comfortable and be themselves, which is essential for youth today. YAK offers multiple resources to the youth in the community and is always there to support anyone who needs it, making it the most caring and generous organization I have ever had the pleasure of working at. I strongly appreciate the role that YAK plays in the community and I am glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it.

Throughout my time at YAK, I had the chance to build healthy relationships with the youth whom attended the center and learn so much about them. I feel honored that was I a person that the youth could feel comfortable talking to in a time of need and to be a positive influence in their lives. As a placement student, I was lucky to be given the responsibility to plan a prom dress event and to teach a home alone course; both in which taught me more than I could imagine and have given me skills I can apply in my career.

My placement at YAK will definitely be something I will always remember. I got to work with an amazing team of people who were very supportive from the very beginning and I got to meet amazing kids who taught me so much about myself and how to work with youth. Overall, the experience was amazing and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to work at YAK Youth Services and to make a difference for the youth in the community.



I completed my second year placement at YAK Youth Services in Perth, ON, from September 2016 – April 2017. My experience at YAK was absolutely amazing.  I was given so many opportunities to take part in several different activities and programs that YAK runs. I have learned so much this past school year from the different opportunities that I was given, such as being able to help out with the after school program, planning and running a group on my own, helping out with the Skills Link program and many more. Not only have I learned from the programs that I was able to take part in, but I also learned a huge amount from the workers at YAK about community resources in and around Perth that I was unaware of before.

I would highly recommend doing a placement at YAK Youth Services. The staff are amazing and provide a fun environment to work in and to learn in. I loved all of the different opportunities that I was given and that I took part in. Yak is a wonderful place to have a placement and I will miss being there so much!