Youth Programs and Services

YAK provides quality programs and activities for youth including but not limited to:

Get Movin’ Program Offering seasonal sports and recreational activities, such as kayaking, hockey, soccer, hiking, yoga, aerobics, cycling, martial arts, and excursions to adventure parks.

Life Skills 101 Program We organize dances, coffeehouse nights, youth concerts, swim parties, movie nights, and arts and crafts workshops.

Afterschool Snack and Dinner Program Provides a kitchen facility stocked with nutritious food available to any youth to cook up or prepare something to eat every day of the week/ Cooked full course dinners planned and cooked by youth as a group activity on a weekly basis/ provisions of food items to homeless youth.

Homework Support Program (tutoring support) Designed to encourage youth to stay in school or return to school by providing homework help, peer-tutoring and by making computers available to those who do not have a computer at home.

Crisis Support and Referral Program Support and referrals provided as an immediate measure to address conflicts, abuse, crisis, stress and any suffering experienced by youth. Youth are directed to appropriate agencies and professional individuals for additional help.

Youth in Action Program (community volunteering) We provide opportunities for youth to gain mandatory or voluntary community service hours at the youth centre or connect them to volunteer placements in the community.

Addictions and Substance Use Awareness Program Designed to stimulate youth activities in a smoke, drug and alcohol free environment and to educate them on consequences of drug addition through workshops, presentations and focus groups.

•Homeless Youth Support Program We provide homeless youth with immediate financial help, basic necessities of life, clothing, food , and work with them to find a suitable emergency and/or permanent housing